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"Mediation is the bridge between Conflict and Resolution" 

Mediation and Collaborative Law are peaceful alternatives to litigating your divorce. 


Dividing assets, determining spousal and child support and devising a custody plan can be accomplished WITH respect and honor, and WITHOUT costly court fees, years of battling and broken spirits.


Your mediator and collaborative professional can bridge the gap of communication between parties whose marriage is broken and peacefully move the parties through the divorce process, with the end-goal of crafting reasonable and mutually-agreeable settlements.  

About the Attorney
I am a family law attorney, with a practice in Mediation, Collaborative Divorce and Collaborative Prenuptial Agreements.




A mediator assists parties in the negotiation of a settlement.  A mediator educates parties on the law and facilitates discussions, without advocating for either party.


Like collaborative divorce, collaborative prenuptial agreements involve a team approach, with each party being represented by attorneys working together to draft an agreement that considers each parties' interests and goals.


Collaborative divorce involves a team approach.  Each side is represented by a collaborative attorney, with the goal to settle the case without going to court.


I understand that divorce is controversial and a difficult step to take. When there is no longer peace or love in a relationship, what options do you have? 

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