GISETTE CHAMORRO DENKER, Mediator and Collaborative Attorney



I am an attorney-mediator who has been working with individuals

and couples to resolve family law disputes for 16 years.  During this time, I have worked with outstanding family law attorneys and mediators, who have had a great influence on my practice.    


I hold a J.D. from Loyola Law School and undergraduate degrees in Political

Science and Communications from Santa Clara University.

I began working in mediation in 2010 after receiving training from

the Northern California Mediation Center in Marin County. I also

actively participate in and attend courses, seminars and meetings

related to family law, mediation and collaborative law.


I have volunteered for the Famly Court Settlement Project in Santa Clara County, which focuses on custody cases.   I have also sat as a Judge Pro Tempore for the Personal Property Arbitration panel in Santa Clara County and have acted as a family law mediator for the Santa Clara County Early Neutral Evaluation program.


I am married and have lived in Santa Clara County for the greater

majority of my life.  When I'm not practicing family law, I work as the Program Administrator for DBA Drive, a San Jose Basketball club.  My hobbies also include singing, photography and attending sporting events, especially those of my two boys.




I am a mediator and collaborative divorce attorney because I am a peacemaker and I believe family law cases are difficult enough without the added expense and emotional drain of litigation.  Having worked in a litigation firm for more than a decade, I have seen clients go to trial over every issue imaginable, incurring huge fees and enduring years of stressfull encounters.  I have seen individuals lose themselves and their ideals in adversarial proceedings and have seen relationships between parents and their children broken.  Divorce is awful, but often times litigation is avoidable. Mediation and Collaborative Divorce are the best alternatives to completing this process in a respectful manner, giving you a voice and say in the final outcome and ensuring that your children still have healthy relationships with their parents.  I am a true believer in alternative dispute resolution and will work hard to help your family get through this difficult time.