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About Mediation:


I enjoy the practice of family law mediation because I consider myself as a peacemaker, serving as a bridge for parties to communicate during one of the most difficult times in their lives. I aspire to provide my clients with a sense of trust in my abilities to calmly move them through the mediation process and help them to craft reasonable and mutually-agreeable settlements.


My mediation process is client-centered and tailored to meet the objectives of each party. Mediation is the only forum in which you have complete control over decision-making. Therefore, it is my job to help the parties navigate the settlement process and be the neutral voice in the room, and sometimes to be the objective voice of reason. As your mediator, I can also help you draft documents required by the Santa Clara County Superior Court and the State of California.  Finally, I will educate parties on the law, while not advocating for either party.


My goal is to help you settle your dispute amicably and help you build the tools to co-exist and co-parent successfully.

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