About Divorce Coaching:


Since practicing family law, there have been many instances when I was approached for information, rather than advocacy.  Over the years, I have devised ways to coach individuals in the divorce process, without being their attorney-of-record.  Divorce coaching has been requested of me when an individual felt like they could handle their own representation, but wanted to consult with an attorney on various issues.  The issues raised could be anything from financial questions, discovery, support, custody or even questions regarding filing papers in Family Court.


Divorce coaching is another way to formalize a relationship with a family law attorney, without hiring an attorney to represent you in court or in a collaborative session.  


Divorce coaching is akin to consulting, where an attorney will review documents drafted by self-represented litigants or documents prepared in mediation.   A divorce coach may also assist you in explaining the legal process and apprising you of your rights.  A divorce coach may also help you organize information, documents and assist you in getting your life back together.  


If you have any questions about divorce coaching or think you would like to hear more, please contact me to schedule an appointment.