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Office Location:


6501 Crown Boulevard,

Suite #200

San Jose, CA 95120


Almaden is located in

South San Jose.



Office Phone: (408) 268-8156


Make an Appointment

To schedule a FREE 20-minute telephone consultation, please

fill out the Appointment Form.


Please include the contact information for the party or parties, as well as a convenient time to reach you and I will respond within 24 hours, with the first available appointment.  If you provide the best days or times to reach you, I will do my best to accomodate your request.  



20 minute free telephone consultation:  During this initial consultation, I will discuss your options for settling your divorce out of court. Whether you are interested in Mediation or Collaborative Law, I will provide a FREE 20-minute consultation by telephone.  


1-Hour Consultation for Mediation: If parties determine that they would like to pursue Mediation, both parties will meet with me and go over questions they have about the process, as well as review the "Agreement to Mediate."  


2-Hour Mediation:  If parties wish to set up an in-office appointment, with the intention of mediating a pressing issue, this can be arranged, with the understanding that a consultation will take place first and a mediation session will commence only after the "Agreement to Mediate" is signed.  


1-Hour Collaborative Divorce Consultation: If a party is interested in the Collaborative process, we will meet to discuss this process in detail, explain how the attorneys work together to draft prenuptial agreements and how attorneys, coaches, a financial advisor and Child Specialist are involved in collaborative divorce, as well as discuss my retainer agreement.




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